Economically and strongly. The GM 1-AF is a cultivation trencher for the assembly at tractors with three point admission at the tail.

It is ideal for the cable, tubing and drainage pipe installation. Particularly favourable is the small dead weight of the trencher, so that she can be operated also at very small tractors. For an optimum at achievement the GM 1-AF can be equipped with various grave trees (600-1200 mm) and trench cutters (70-300 mm). Over the change of the chain can be provided slot drainage with 70 mm broad.

The trencher is propelled over a powertakeoff. The excavation is right put down over a hydraulic conveyor.

A condition: Tractor with 30-65 HP and supercreeper gears or hydraulic act.

  • Shipping conveyor for direct shipping
  • 45 or 75 mm of chain with trench widths
    of 70-300 mm and high breaking load
  • Sole circular scrapers with adjustment of the trenching depths
  • Laser system (manual or automatic)
  • Tubing admission and moving pit.
  • Carbon chisel chains for highest requirement

  • Weight: approx. 600 kg
  • Widths: 70 - 300 mm
  • Depths: 600 - 1.200 mm
  • Trench chain drive: machanically over
  • PTO speed: 540 rpm

  • Individual equipment on request.


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