GM 140 AF

Strongly and flexibly. The GM 140 AF is a cultivation trencher for the assembly at tractors with three point admission at the tail. It is ideal for the cable, tubing and drainage pipe installation.

In order to be able optionally on obstacles and embankments work, the milling bar can be shifted mechanically or hydraulically up to 600 mm laterally (optionally). The milling cutter can be equipped with different grave trees from 600 to 1,500 mm of depth and milling cutter from 70 to 400 mm broad. The drive is made by the power-takeoff.

The GM 140 AF has in series a hydraulic conveyor, with which the excavation leaves itself on the right of and/or on the left of placings.

Individual equipment on request.

Tractor with 80-140 HP and supercreeper gears or hydraulic act.

  • Cutting chain drive: Power shaft (1000 U/min)
  • Typ of the Attachment Trencher: Trencher attachment three point
  • A condition : Tractor/Unimog important the super slowly gear or Hydrostat
  • Cutter chain width: 300mm
  • Cutter boom depth: 850mm
  • Standard
  • Pitch of chain: 75mm pitch
  • Conveyor for charging: Standard
  • Lasersystem: None

  • Weight: approx. 1.800 kg
  • Widths: 70 - 400 mm
  • Depths: 600 - 1.500 mm
  • Trench chain drive: mechanically
    over power-takeoff
  • PTO speed: 1.000 rpm

  • Cutter chain width: 70mm; 150mm; 200mm; 250mm; 350mm; 400mm
  • Cutter boom depth: 600mm; 1250mm; 1500mm
  • Chain type: Alligator chain carbite bits; Mixed chain (Bits and tools); Cutter chain
  • Conveyor for charging: 3.000mm hydraulicall
  • Lasersystem: Automatic; Manual


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