GM 1800 P (Drainplough)

The grave master drain GM 1800 P is a product of our long experience in building Drainmachine, Drainpflüge grave and milling and good cooperation with our customers for these machines.

The GM 1800 P is a device that will meet in the implementation of the drainage works and trenching for cables and pipes for gas and water pipes highest. The GM 1800 P has an engine power of 400 hp and runs on caterpillar tracks with fully hydrostatic drive. The drive is controlled via joystick electrohydraulic cylinders and all major functions are also installed in it, this is the operator easy to use.

Optionally, the drives of the GM 1800 P 2,700 mm track width are hydraulically extended up to a track width of 4,000 mm. Bumps are the special suspension of the plow sword, which is approximately in the middle of the drive, as far as possible avoided. The deluxe cab features besides heating and air conditioning also has a sunroof and impresses through ist size and extra large windows, as an option, the cabin can even be equipped with an air suspension.

  • Chassis standard 2,700 mm (Optional = hydr. Extendable up to 4,000 mm)
  • hydraulically ploughshare
  • hydraulically swiveling and extendable cab
  • hydrostatic track drive with joystick control
  • Cabin with heating, air conditioning and sunroof
  • (Optional = air suspension
  • Reel for drain pipes
  • self-leveling cabin

  • Length: 10.300 mm
  • Hight: 3.446 mm
  • Width: 2.700 mm
  • Weight: approx. 30.000 kg
  • Widths: to 1.800 mm
  • Drive: 6 Cyl. Deutz Turbodiesel
    294,2 KW
  • hydr. Tracks


  • Speed forwards/backward
    in operation 0-3800 m/h
  • infinitely variable
    in overdrive 0-8000 m/h infinitely variable
  • Electro system
    Circuit 24 Volt
    Battery 2x12 V/ 170 Ah
  • Hydraulic system
    2 hydr. Pumps
    Max. discharge 378 l/Min.
    Max. pressure 400 bar
  • Control hydr. system
    Oil tank 450 Liter
    Capacity of tank 580 Liter
    Pressure of 200 bar.
    Maximum flow for panning and tilting by a pump 64 l / min at a max. Pressure of 200bar. Load moment for the sword through a check valve at 100 bar.


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